world series art

saw the news floating around the web that art museums in both cleveland and chicago had some facebook fun rooting for their world series teams.  i haven’t watched any of the 2016 world series (much to my husband’s dismay as he loves baseball) but, i’m a phillies fan so, it doesn’t really capture my interest this year.  however, these hysterical (and quite cleverly photo shopped) works of art made me smile today.





ethical clothing dilemma

the other day heather, from cedar & bloom sent me a nice note about my wardrobe post.  she invited me to check out her post about her ten item wardrobe for fall/winter.  she also told me to check out a netflix documentary called the true cost.

i spent a bit of time perusing her choices for her fall/winter wardrobe (i am in love with 99% of it – i think next time heather is performing a wardrobe purge, she can send the items directly to me to give a new home) and last night, i watched the movie.

like my no farms, more housing developments realization a few weeks ago (more on that later), i did have a bit of an epiphany while watching the documentary.  while i am not moved much by the organic/gmo portion of things, i was appalled at the deplorable working conditions of the textile industry overseas.  this fact, combined with my general growing desire to shop smaller and american made (although through work, i have been to a few american garment factories and they also make me cringe), is making me rethink how i purchase my clothing.

i do have a quandary though…  there seems to be an unequal balance of ethical responsibility and financial responsibility when it comes to supporting slow fashion.  while it has always been my thought process that i would rather pay $100 for one pair of really well made pants that will last forever, over ten $10 pairs of crap, how does one justify some of the price tags that accompany slow fashion labels?   and then there is this part of me, this really cynical, grumpy part of me that can’t help but wonder if some companies aren’t exploiting the concept and overcharging because they understand that this is a new and novel concept in our society right now?  i mean, whole foods does sell water with cucumbers in it for some egregious amount because, well, people out there will buy it…

so, here i am trying to find my own balance.  the proper alignment of being socially responsible and financially responsible – because, well, i think that they are both prudent at this point in time.  i am now really on a search to find pieces that fit both categories for me and i am starting to find a few.

for instance, i really, really  want this $100 cashmere crew neck sweater from everlane


i do not have any problem spending $100 on a cashmere sweater and i find the concept of their transparent pricing to be intriguing and reassuring.  the fact that it is ethically made (and they link up to the factory) is a nice bonus.

 i’ve also bought cute mermaid leggings from the etsy shop salty & southern.  (mine are teal though)


she’s a military momma who states on her shop site:

“I hand make each and every piece myself using locally sourced materials and thrive on improvement to my patterns. A new line is in the works using organic and eco friendly fabrics with low chemical screen prints and vegan furs and leathers.

If I can stop one piece of clothing from being purchased from the fast fashion industry then I’ve made a small difference.”

her prices are extremely reasonable and i cannot wait to get my hands on the perfect pullover as soon as my finances allow!

so, i think that there are options out there, we as consumers just need to do our due diligence, not just accept the fact that in order to buy ethically we have to spend a fortune, and make wise decisions!



i’m not sure how to properly introduce all of this but – our household is just too damn overwhelmed.  so overwhelmed in fact, that it’s starting to affect our health.  we’re all cranky and overtired anymore.  if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  we need to do this, we need to do that, we need to be here, we need to be there…  to quote mr. lennon “i’m just sitting here watching the wheels go ’round and ’round…”  the wheels.  in my head.  ’round and ’round and ’round they go.

i think i just realized that i totally started writing about this the other day.  about my wardrobe (which i have started to slowly clean out).  i suppose that it extends further than all that.  it’s really in the bones of my existence right now.  there’s just too much stuff… stuff in the house, stuff to do, stuff to keep on top of, stuff to pay for, stuff to remember. then this morning, kate was acting wild, brett ate something that was supposed to be for kate’s lunch, my low pressure tire light went off on the way into work.  it’s always something… and i think i’m losing my mind anymore.

i have a few thoughts on how to combat all of this.  first, we have to stop eating like garbage.  maybe i need to channel my inner ma ingalls and start putting more nutritious food on the table.  second, i think it’s time to slow down the pace – let’s turn on the record player more and the cell phones less.  maybe walk outside a bit, or at least stop staring at the tv all the time.  third, (and i’m trying to work on this) it’s time to shift our mindset.  start being less worried about what other people think or are doing, and start being concerned with my family and our happiness.

paring down… can i do it?


lately i’ve come to realize that the bane of my mornings is getting dressed.  i carefully layout kate’s outfit the night before to relieve any clothing induced anxiety (and it works, for the most part).  however, when it comes to keeping myself dressed and organized, i just want to hide in a hole.

since showing up for work naked or in pajamas is frowned upon in my office, i kind of have to figure something out.  the concept of a capsule wardrobe keeps catching my attention as do carefully curated pinterest boards on the topic.  while i realize that i do tend to gravitate towards the same pieces in my closet all the time, i do appreciate the opportunity to pull something out of the depths and give it another swing in the old repertoire.

at the current moment, most of my clothing is perched on top of my dresser, part because i don’t want to deal with putting it all away, part because i keep thinking maybe today is the day i start the great purge of 2016.  no matter what the reason, i can’t seem to part with things.

i have pretty much worn the same two pair of shoes since the spring.  my doctor told me i had bursitis in my hip (like all proper elderly 30-somethings) and that i must start wearing orthopedic footwear.  so, now i rotate between a nicely worn in pair of white birkenstocks and a pair of rainbow loafers.  they’re both great but, winter has me worried as to what i am going to wear.  i suppose i could don my old ll bean fleece socks with the birks, circa 1994.  can’t tell you i’ve never done it.

how do these purges/capsule wardrobes work?  do you throw everything away?  do you tuck stuff into a box in the attic just in case?  how often do you really have to do laundry when you only own x amount of outfits?

guess i will have to try it and see for myself!

strep comes to visit

i was up at 2am last night.  twenty years ago, being up at 2am on a thursday night was a weekly occurrence, now it means that something went terribly, terribly wrong.

kate, my daughter, the youngest in the house (barring the kittens – but, they don’t count), fell ill yesterday evening.  after dinner, she was complaining of a scratchy throat, and by 2am the fever set in.  it was at 2am that i texted her dad (my ex) she was sick and penned an email out to my boss that i wouldn’t be in until at earliest, lunchtime.  by 7am, i had called her out of school, at 830am vomiting got added to the mix, and by 915am we were on our way to the doctor’s office.

having had strep throat approximately every 6 months as a teen, i knew the symptoms.  fiery fever, pain when swallowing, headache, tears of frustration and pain, and such a desire to feel back to normal.  it’s hard being a mom when they’re sick.  you can’t fix things and more often than not, you’re so exhausted from being up half the night that you are less than mentally present.

the doctor confirmed what i already knew, poor kate had strep throat.  she’s on a ten day round of yucky pink antibiotics and a weekend of rest.  it is her dad’s weekend with her, so, my gut wrenched as i watched her drive away from me; knowing that taking care of her at this vulnerable time was out of my control.  but, i know he’s a good dad and that he will take as best care of her as he can.

i know that this is just the first of many mild illnesses, just another mom-hurdle.  i pray that a major illness is never a worry we have to deal with.  so, for now – feel better little one.


i think i have started countless new blogs.  i don’t think i’ve gotten much past four or five posts on any of them so far.  but, i enjoy jotting down my thoughts and my wishes and my hopes for the future – so, i will start once again.  i’ve got so many ideas and plans in my head that i suppose i should have one central place to keep them all organized and attempt to hold myself (somewhat) accountable.

here i want to talk about:

  • fixing up our home
  • going places
  • raising my family: my daughter, my husband, his kids
  • stepping closer to my pipe dreams
  • figuring out what i really want in life
  • trying out, learning, and making new things
  • cooking, baking, and of course eating
  • my not so fashionable-fashion sense
  • and generally navigating this crazy ride…

here’s to hoping that i make it a little more than a handful of posts this time!