strep comes to visit

i was up at 2am last night.  twenty years ago, being up at 2am on a thursday night was a weekly occurrence, now it means that something went terribly, terribly wrong.

kate, my daughter, the youngest in the house (barring the kittens – but, they don’t count), fell ill yesterday evening.  after dinner, she was complaining of a scratchy throat, and by 2am the fever set in.  it was at 2am that i texted her dad (my ex) she was sick and penned an email out to my boss that i wouldn’t be in until at earliest, lunchtime.  by 7am, i had called her out of school, at 830am vomiting got added to the mix, and by 915am we were on our way to the doctor’s office.

having had strep throat approximately every 6 months as a teen, i knew the symptoms.  fiery fever, pain when swallowing, headache, tears of frustration and pain, and such a desire to feel back to normal.  it’s hard being a mom when they’re sick.  you can’t fix things and more often than not, you’re so exhausted from being up half the night that you are less than mentally present.

the doctor confirmed what i already knew, poor kate had strep throat.  she’s on a ten day round of yucky pink antibiotics and a weekend of rest.  it is her dad’s weekend with her, so, my gut wrenched as i watched her drive away from me; knowing that taking care of her at this vulnerable time was out of my control.  but, i know he’s a good dad and that he will take as best care of her as he can.

i know that this is just the first of many mild illnesses, just another mom-hurdle.  i pray that a major illness is never a worry we have to deal with.  so, for now – feel better little one.


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