paring down… can i do it?


lately i’ve come to realize that the bane of my mornings is getting dressed.  i carefully layout kate’s outfit the night before to relieve any clothing induced anxiety (and it works, for the most part).  however, when it comes to keeping myself dressed and organized, i just want to hide in a hole.

since showing up for work naked or in pajamas is frowned upon in my office, i kind of have to figure something out.  the concept of a capsule wardrobe keeps catching my attention as do carefully curated pinterest boards on the topic.  while i realize that i do tend to gravitate towards the same pieces in my closet all the time, i do appreciate the opportunity to pull something out of the depths and give it another swing in the old repertoire.

at the current moment, most of my clothing is perched on top of my dresser, part because i don’t want to deal with putting it all away, part because i keep thinking maybe today is the day i start the great purge of 2016.  no matter what the reason, i can’t seem to part with things.

i have pretty much worn the same two pair of shoes since the spring.  my doctor told me i had bursitis in my hip (like all proper elderly 30-somethings) and that i must start wearing orthopedic footwear.  so, now i rotate between a nicely worn in pair of white birkenstocks and a pair of rainbow loafers.  they’re both great but, winter has me worried as to what i am going to wear.  i suppose i could don my old ll bean fleece socks with the birks, circa 1994.  can’t tell you i’ve never done it.

how do these purges/capsule wardrobes work?  do you throw everything away?  do you tuck stuff into a box in the attic just in case?  how often do you really have to do laundry when you only own x amount of outfits?

guess i will have to try it and see for myself!


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