as always anymore, this past weekend was a busy one full of things to do and places to go.  with the weather cooling down, i decided to make some of alicia paulson’s october soup since it looked so amazing on her post last week.  we headed out to the farmer’s market on saturday morning, bright and early to grab kielbasa, potatoes, onions, carrots, and some other random goodies for the week.  as i mentioned the other day, i have this fear of all the farms in south jersey being turned into housing developments (a very real and rational fear around here), so i do my best to shop local whenever i can.


beautiful carrots.  sadly i didn’t know of any uses for the greens, so into the compost pile they went.


even my compost tin looked pretty with leek greens and onion and garlic skins.


soup a’boilin’!  i changed up the recipe a little bit from alicia’s original version.  i used regular potatoes instead of sweet (we aren’t big on sweet potatoes here unless they are roasted with tiny marshmallows on top) and i added about 1.5 cup of good ale.  that gave the recipe a hearty “bite” to it that i think made a huge difference and cut down on some of the sweetness. this shot was taken before the soup got the lentils and then turned into a thick stew like consistency.


love the way that fire places smell.  if i could change one thing about my house – it would be that we’d have a fireplace or a wood stove.  i think we could have the latter but brett seems to think we’d burn the house down or something like that…  so, in an effort to get that fireplace smell sans fireplace, we have a lovely little german smoking house.  its scent cones give off a pretty realistic fire smell and when kept on top of the electric “fireplace” we’ve got – one can almost pretend that they are nested by a real fire.  the house also seems to be the place where wayward little toys get kept.  pokemon, snowgies, and tiny pigs all make the smoking house their home.


as everyone knows, halloween was yesterday.  kate wanted to dress like a pink pig.  she’s on a big pig kick lately so, why not?  we walked around the neighborhood with our old neighbors.  the girls were so excited to see each other.  and with kate now in school, she felt like such a hot shot saying hi to all the “big kids” that she know around town.


the main man for halloween fun, however, is brett.  he takes the day off and makes such a big deal about halloween.  we opened the bus for neighbors to check out (i don’t think i have yet mentioned that we bought a 1974 vw kombi bus this summer), he set up a fire pit, the popcorn machine, and got the hot dogs cooking in the crock pot.  we now have a reputation around the neighborhood for being the best house.  everyone knows not to eat dinner and around 430\5pm, we have a huge rush of hot doggers come by.  the neighbors come grab a beer and we all get a break from the mad candy rush.  it’s fun but, short lived because he did wake me up to blasting christmas music this morning.  oh, i am so not ready…


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