a grown up do-over

i haven’t divulged it yet but, i have been married twice.  the first time to the totally wrong guy that i knew wasn’t right for me.  the second to my now husband, brett, who i knew was right for me almost from the minute we met.  of course i wish it was the other way around but, it wasn’t and i got kate out of the first arrangement, so – i’ve made peace with my poor decision.

regardless of all that, my first wedding was very typical.  a big to-do.  flashy and showy (i often think that was my way of trying to hide how unhappy i was – no one would notice my dismay if the celebration was fantastic, right?).  it was a great wedding, wrong guy but, great party.

i recently read a satirical article in the new yorker about wedding registries and what one couple really wishes they could put on them.  i am dying at the skymall request.  and gerald, the shuttle bus driver.

the article got me thinking… if i could pick a list of 5 gifts for people to buy me, what would i choose, now that i am more grown up?

1. le creuset dutch oven


i desperately want one of these.  i am getting more and more into cooking lately and a good amount of recipes from soups to bread call for the use of a dutch oven (and yes, whenever i bring it up to my husband, you know he starts laughing).  and color?  if you’re buying, you pick the color.  just spare me from one of those weird shaped ones, like pumpkin or apple.  i have no use for that.

2. dean record cabinet-console


like most 30-somthings, i grew up listening to records.  i had my own fisher price record player and awesome rainbow brite and strawberry shortcake records.  i still have a nice amount of records, just now, they are of the classic rock variety and not the cartoon (although, i still have quite a few of the cartoon versions).

we have one of those new-fangled crosley five in one record players (which we got off a yard sale site for a lot less than priced here – say like 90% off – and it was never used!) and we like to use it as often as we can.  it’s our attempt at getting the kids to put down the screens for a few minutes and just unplug from the internet.

we desperately need a place to store those records and hence this addition to my list.

3. new rug


2/3 of our rugs are in bad shape.  like in i don’t invite people over because of them bad shape.  i wasn’t thinking 3 years ago when i bought all beige rugs for the house – doh!  i would really love this rug for our dining room.  the colors are warm and the wool is lush.  my parents have a bunch of pottery barn wool rugs and they are super lux (although they shed a lot at first).

4. inlaid hardwood floors


i have to be honest.  i can’t even tell you how badly i want inlaid hardwood floors (is it even inlaid?  or just inlay?).  my girlfriend has them – lucky.  i just love how they look.  i much prefer that older style to the high gloss, thick plank types that are out there now.  and since we need new floors anyway…

5. ikea bookshelves


do ikea bookshelves count as “grown up”?  i’m not so sure.  regardless, this is exactly the style book shelves we currently need.  the picture shown above it three (3) pieces put together, and we need all three.  that’s why it needs to be on the registry.  i have so many great ideas for these shelves.  i know exactly where they will go and exactly what i will put in most of them.


**disclaimer – i realize that creating a list of wanted items is rather counter intuitive to wanting a more minimal home.  sometimes, though, it is fun to dream.  i will admit that it took me quite a while to come up with five things i truly desired.  i started thinking i was going to create a list of 10 but, soon realized that there aren’t 10 things i want/need.


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