no farms, no food… and no more (insert your favorite expletive here) housing developments!

i apologize for being a little out of order this weekend.  there were some technical difficulties on friday, so i am late posting.  here is my post from friday:

i was driving down through salem county (nj) one afternoon and was in awe at all of the beautiful farm land around me.  it was a true reminder of why we are the “garden state” although no one seems to realize that new jersey is made up of more than the industrial plants and super highways of north jersey.  things are a little slower down here in south jersey, and that includes the rolling farm land we keep hidden from view.


this is not a farm in salem county, but in burlington county – and yes, sadly, it’s for sale.

it struck me though that new jersey is a place where most everyone seems to want more and while farms are beautiful, they are just in the way of more mcmansion housing developments and industrial parks.  dotted along many little corner farms is a “for sale” sign, indicating acreage and how many lots are pre-approved for the particular site.  it’s truly heartbreaking.


i remember texting my husband, crying, that if we don’t support the local small farms, that they would go out of business and all become housing developments.  which, of course, i don’t want to happen.  we just don’t need any more new houses here.  at least in my opinion.

so, what can i do about it?  honestly, the only thing i have come up with is to shop local and small.  mostly at the weekly farmer’s market in the next town.  i have a new motto that if i am buying green, i’m buying it from a jersey farmer (as long as it’s an option – i mean, i don’t see how i am going to follow that as strictly in the winter – i need to learn how to can asap!).  yes – i have tried to grow my own garden – we just have very little yard space and i tend to kill most plants, so i need to leave this up to the professionals (i am thinking of joining a csa next spring).


farmer’s market – there’s brett rocking his purple shopping bag, kate’s over there too – just out of view of the picture.

so, now you have the abbreviated version on my whole we need to buy from local farmers to keep the farms from being turned into houses.  i do realize things like farmers get tax deductions to remain agricultural and new jersey does have (limited) preserved green space land, brett likes to take those approaches to help me feel better about the whole thing.  it still bothers me that so many people have such little regard for things like open space.  and on that note, i am going to end by telling you that i now have the little boxes song stuck in my head.  i’m going to stop before i start singing big yellow taxi…  lol


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