finding happy in the little things


i was quite excited to see this at my local coffee shop this morning!  chocolate coconut is my ultimate favorite flavor of coffee and i always love supporting small businesses.  the hand drawn label is adorable.


every morning i read erin boyle’s blog reading my tea leaves.  a few weeks back she told us how to make our own beeswax candles and i really  wanted to try it.  i even had a block of beeswax sitting in my kitchen.  but, i couldn’t find candle wicks so – i caved and just bought a set off etsy.  i haven’t burned (burnt?) one yet but i am looking forward to it.

i am also enjoying erin’s book simple matters.  it’s well written and i’ve been enjoying it.  hopefully it will help motivate me to start simplifying my own home (i did finally clear out under the bathroom sink the other night – whooooo!).

brett and i are off to a weekend away at a bed and breakfast in the poconos.  i hope everyone has a restful and calm weekend.  see you monday.


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