our small, but quite comfortable accommodations.


someone could not find the tv.  surprise!  there are none here.


even a make-up only face towel was provided, along with fresh flowers in every space.


the paper moon selfie station.


someone was very sleepy after a long walk around town.


after dinner.


look at me trying to get all artsy.  that’s moya to the right.


a night at the speakeasy!


no!  don’t make me go back to reality…


this weekend, we escaped for a mini-vacation to jim thorpe, pa (the town formerly known as mauch chunk).  it’s only a short jaunt (about 1.5 hours) from our house barring you don’t hit traffic – and of course, we hit traffic.

we stayed at an amazingly cozy little bed and breakfast called the parsonage which was only a few blocks outside of the heart of town (which made it fabulously quiet and peaceful).  our hosts were incredible, breakfast was phenomenal, and no detail was overlooked.  quite frankly, i didn’t want to leave (apparently, neither did my car but that is a whole other story).

dinner saturday night was at a small but incredible restaurant called moya.   brett was pleasantly surprised with his gnocchi (he tends to like simpler foods) and my jalapeno shrimp were out of this world (spicy though!).  after dinner, we met up with some of our “neighbors” and went down to the local speakeasy.  what a fun concept for a bar.  they offered prohibition style drinks and even absinthe (yuck)!

we usually don’t do too many trips.  in fact, it could be debated that was our honeymoon since ours was non-existent.  so, this was a much welcomed get away from everything that’s been going on lately (with the exception of the car issue…).


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