simple kitchen envy

i love every bit of erin boyle’s simple matters series from her blog reading my tea leaves.  this week featured a quaint (but fabulous) old dwelling on martha’s vineyard, home to a cook.  i got a serious case of envy when i saw her bright, open, and airy kitchen.


sarah waldman’s dream worthy kitchen – i am so jealous!

maybe i am crazy but i just adore the look of the open shelving for bowls and dishes.  i really wish we had more storage space like this in our house to help create a cozy feeling kitchen, instead we have a bunch of old, icky cabinets that are desperately in need of retirement (even after we painted them!).  see?


wow!  our kitchen looks so clean in that photo.  this was right after we painted it yellow.  we don’t even own some of those appliances anymore (i’m looking at you keurig).


this above photo – that i screen shot from pinterest (and apparently came from the life in grace blog) – serves as my kitchen inspiration!  the colors!  the open cabinets!  the bright windows!  love it all.

these photos leave me wondering what little things i might be able to do, since right now, renovating the kitchen is completely out of the question.  possibly some stick on back splash tiles?  maybe paint the icky kitchen floor?  finally get around to painting the flower cabinets the above teal/aqua?  reorganize?  minimize the utensils and other crap just floating around the kitchen?  perhaps all or a combination of those will be in store for 2017.


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