things to do

the holidays are just around the corner.  i know this because i woke up to brett playing “wonderful christmastime” to kate this morning.  they both love christmas music and the beatles, so – i suppose it was to be expected.  anywho, just like most people out there, i have a lot of prep to do to be ready for these upcoming holidays (is anyone ever truly ready for the holidays?).

1.test run sourdough


that there is my sourdough starter.  i began making it a few weeks ago and it spent all last weekend/week in the fridge “sleeping”.  i left it out to wake up last night and fed it this morning.  i have very good intentions of making up some sour dough rolls for the week and some sour dough cinnamon rolls for thanksgiving morning.  oh, and yes – i work in a field that requires laboratory work, so that jar was something they left for us with treats in it. i just took it home and am using it for my starter.  (and behind that is my cranberry kombucha on it’s secondary ferment)

2.order advent candle kit


i saw this adorable advent candle kit on etsy, available from Sunflower Candles.  it’s reasonably priced and it would be a fun activity to do with kate.  i also am trying to switch all my candles over to natural beeswax as it is supposed to be more environmentally sustainable.  hopefully, i can order this today (along with a few other christmas gifts) and it will arrive in time for us to make it to begin advent next sunday, the 27th! pie pre-bake


that there is last year’s dessert spread from thanksgiving 2015, which i hosted. (you can see one of my sister in laws here ignoring my horrifically ugly carpet to the left of the photo)  i made all of the desserts except the coconut cream pie and the pecan pie (that is the specialty of one of my other sister in laws and it is my kryptonite.  seriously, she is refused entry to holiday meals unless she brings it.  not really but…)  in the middle there is last year’s apple pie.  i sent my dad out for the apples at the food store and somehow he managed to purchase $20 worth of apples.  do not think that means i got more apples than i knew what to do with – no!  i got 8 of apparently the world’s most expensive apples ever.  that was the  this year, i will circumvent dad buying boutique apples and just get them at the farmer’s market, where i will legitimately purchase too many apples.  so, kate and i will do a test run this weekend, perfecting our filling and crust (which is always made by hand).

4.being neighborly


our catty-corner neighbors (that’s what we say in south jersey if someone/thing is diagonal from  you) have invited us over for a bonfire and s’mores tonight.  perhaps i will bring over some yummy mulled wine that i can make with the mulling spices i bought last weekend on our mini-trip (btw – car is back in action! whoo hoo!).  now there’s a thought.

like how i saved that one for last?  ugh – the house needs a good clean.  starting with the kitchen and bathroom.  i don’t even want to elaborate any more on this.  lol.

have a great weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “things to do

  1. Hahaha, $20 for eight apples is worth it for the story alone. We’re in a new house so I’ve been thinking about how to jazz it up for the holidays; I somehow always forget mulling spices, so thanks for the reminder!


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