shopping small, part 1.

every year my mother and i get up at some god-awful hour on black friday and head out to join the crowds.  it’s a tradition we’ve created and it kind of kicks off the holiday season for me.  while i am looking forward to doing it again, this year it’s more geared towards just following tradition as we are really waiting to pull out our wallets for small business saturday.  there’s just something about buying from family owned shops over monstrous super stores that appeals to the romantic in me.

i have already started shopping small this year, with the motto: fewer, better (borrowed from the many emails i get from the company cuyana).  side note: if anyone is in the market for a gift for me, i have been wanting their classic tote for a few years now, see below…


brett and i went to a small works show at an art center local to us and i got a beautiful glass ornament for my aunt and a pretty little bud vase for my cousin.  neither too big, but both visually pleasing, handcrafted, and well thought out.

for my brother and sister in law, we had already picked up an amazing hand cut paper quote from squirrel tacos (love the name) and some beeswax birthday candles from the same etsy shop i ordered the advent candles from (although, these candles are pre-made, lol).


sometimes, i understand that you can’t always shop small.  for instance, brett’s teenaged boys want playstation stuff.  unfortunately, no one but playstation makes playstation consoles and games.  so, we cannot do a 100% small christmas at this time.  maybe as the kids get older?  but, for the people in my life who will appreciate a gift that is more thought out, and likely better made and sourced, i will continue the small shopping hunt.



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