On the Elf on the Shelf




A few years ago, my mother did what is probably one of the most heinous things a person can do – she bought my kid an Elf on the Shelf.   I thought I was going to kill her.  Regardless, the little bugger now comes to our house every Black Friday.  Meet “Kate” our elf on the shelf (can you tell that my daughter is really gifted in the naming department?).

Yesterday, during lunch at work, we discussed the elf on the shelf.  Most of the adjectives used to describe the elf were expletives, followed with a lot of grunts and sighs.  And, I would say 99% of us admitted to being satisfied if the thing simply remembered to move from night to night.  No, elaborately staged elf scenes here, although I do know a few people who go all out.

How do I feel about the elf really?  I don’t know.  As an exhausted parent, I do like the little extra help I get in the behavior department.  However, I know that since every family has different traditions, it can get a bit dicey.  For instance, Kate saw an elf out at her friend’s house Sunday.  It had been a birthday present for their son the day before.  She stared at it with both horror and confusion as she tried to determine why their elf was already at their house.  I dodged that bullet (hopefully) by explaining that since their elf was new to their family, he needed some time to acclimate, so Santa sent him early.  And, last year, she came home from preschool in tears because a boy in her class touched their elf (actually it was a reindeer) and it lost it’s “magic”.  Thankfully, a quick email to her teacher remedied the problem but, she was very distraught for an entire weekend.

One of the best things about the elf is that Brett’s boys really enjoy moving it around on the nights they are over.  If anyone makes the elf come alive, it’s them, which is appreciated.  It’s also fun that they can get involved with helping Kate have Christmas magic.

I guess then, we really only have a few days to locate Kate the Elf and get him located in some strategic spot in the house before her return from her Dad’s this weekend.  Is anyone else getting geared up to bring out their elf?  What are some of your favorite elf traditions?  Or, do you just skip the whole thing all together because it creeps you out?  Let me know!


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