Gift Giving – Wife Edition

Last night, Brett asked me to curate a list of Christmas gifts I would like.  Oddly enough, this is rather difficult for me because, while there are plenty of items I would enjoy to have – when push comes to shove, there is nothing that I truly need.  But, since it’s Christmas time, I will play along and attempt to think of five items I would love to see wrapped up with my name on them!

1.Tombow Beginner Lettering Set by Tombow USA ($15.99)


I am not the most artsy/craftsy person out there.  However, I do love handwriting things.   As a child I had terrible handwriting and my mother would make me copy books to correct it.  Now, I have (what I think is) lovely handwriting.  I get complements all the time.  Because of this, I really would like to learn how to hand letter properly.

2.10″ Bayberry Tapered Candles by Food 52 ($48)


This time of year, I love lighting candles.  In fact, I have already gone through a ridiculous amount of my beeswax tea lights that I bought off of Etsy a few weeks ago.  I have a pair of vintage candle holders that my mother gave me a few years back.  I remember them from growing up and I would love to actually start using them, rather than just have them sitting out for decoration.

3.Recipe Cookbook from Amazon ($17.99)


If you ever saw my kitchen, you’d likely notice the massive amount of both cookbooks and random recipes printed out and tucked into as many places as I can squeeze them.   Since I would not only really like to be able to find a “home” for my favorite paper recipes, but also have something to one day pass down to Kate, I think that this simple binder of collected recipes would be a very nice thing to have.

4.Chef’s Towel Set by Snowe ($32)

My friend Jess recommended linen dishtowels a few months ago.  So, I bought a few vintage ones (also note: very loud and mildly obnoxious in design) and she was right, they are the best at drying.  Took a while to get rub your face in them soft but, very absorbant once they were.  Of course, three is not really enough as one is always dirty so, I would love some additional towels.  These striped ones are lovely and one can always use a clean dish towel…

5.Day at the Beach Tumbler by Bennington Potters ($18)


My parents have a house up in Vermont, not too far from Bennington Potters.  Every time I go up there, I always mean to stop in and buy myself a piece of pottery.  I can tell you with all honesty that I have only been in the shop once and I still have yet to purchase anything.   I would enjoy starting a nice mug collection and maybe one day move up to place settings!


Dream gift: Ultimate Cooking Set by Poulder’s Old World Market ($132)


These are handcrafted spoons.  A good set of wooden cooking utensils is on my dream list.  These two beautiful spoons are more money than anything I have asked for combined.   I hope, in years to come, that I can buy myself (or be gifted) one piece at a time to start a collection.  Some girls want jewelry, I want handmade wooden spoons.


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