img_67181(My mom made this advent tree and our kids love it.  Ornament one was being hot-glued while I took this photo.)

Rabbit Rabbit.

December 1st.  This day marks the beginning of my most favorite time of year, Christmastime.  And as our family slowly begins to decorate our home, a wave of warmth and comfort rushes over me.

I have this strong urge to really minimize our holiday decor this year, although I am not sure that will go over very well since my husband lives and breathes Christmas.  He actually already has his very own little tree up on the screened in porch for all of his sports ornaments.  He would be happy with every room in the house decorated.  I draw the line at bedrooms and the bathroom (sorry, B).

traditional-christmas-decor(Brett’s dream Christmas decor)

I continue to scour the internet for minimal Christmas decor inspiration but none of it really works for my house.  Most of the pictures I find are of blank, white walls with perfectly aligned bookshelves.  Not, lived in by a rotating cast of anywhere between 3 – 5 people and 3 cats.  I am pretty sure they are 100% staged for the internet.

e17a8283ba0b6a550c86ee6d6e980bcd(While this is gorgeous, my cats would be all up in those streamers, and my 5 year old would be trying to re-purpose those stumps as gymnastic equipment.  Is putting stumps in your house an actual thing anyway?)

I also follow a few super minimal bloggers who are posting their suggestion but, I want a bit more than just washi-taping a few sprigs of holly to my wall.  I’m not that minimal.

We’ve amassed quite a collection of really cool, vintage items over the past few years.  Perhaps, we could try only decorating with those items this go-round?  Brett did already put up the tin MERRY CHRISTMAS banner we have.  Thoughts?

img_3088(Yes, I showed this photo on my elf post but, there’s the STMAS in the tin banner.  It’s actually super cool.)

img_31171(Our crazy vintage flocked wreath.  The Santas freak Kate out.  Ah well, you can’t please everyone.)

img_30651(My really awesome bubble lamp from the antique store.  Sorry the picture is in my kitchen, I’ll stage it better next time.)





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