Twelve Seven

Sorry, all two people who read this – I have been MIA due to family and work obligations!  It happens.  I know you understand.

I have a growing obsession with hand thrown pottery.  There’s just something about a hand crafted bowl or candle stick that I really love.  I am slowly collecting pieces and also scoping out others that I desire.  It is my goal to replace my IKEA dishes with a pottery set one day.


Kate and I went to an event called Empty Bowls on Saturday.  For a $15, you got a bowl and then were able to fill it with soup, salad, bread, desserts – all from local restaurants.  All proceeds were split between the Food Bank of South Jersey and The Perkins Center for the Arts which is where the event was held.  Bowls sold out FAST!  We were able to snag two we really liked (K picked out her own, on the left).


These candle sticks had been a gift to my mom many years ago (even before I was born!).  I have always admired them and when I moved into my very own home, she let me take them (it may or may not have included some serious arm twisting).  I am still waiting to purchase the perfect beeswax tapers (also holding out hope that Santa brings me the Bayberry tapers from a previous post) to put in them.


This little gem here, holding Kate the Elf, was a piece a roommate of mine had left behind.  She was a fine arts restoration major and apparently had made this little cup/pitcher combination in one of her pottery classes as an undergrad.  When she left, it was just sitting alone in a cabinet so, I snagged it and gave it a good home.  I have had it ever since.


I am absolutely obsessed with East Fork Pottery.  I love their “classic collection” minus the tumbler (I just prefer the feeling of glass).  I just wish it came in all eggshell.  I’m a little too weird about my colors being coordinated.


I also cannot get enough of these handmade plates from tdqceramics on Etsy.  I love the shape of them, which is strange because I usually crave serious structure in my decor.  They are a definite investment at $275 per setting but perhaps something I could collect gradually?

Does anyone else love handmade pottery as much as I do?  What do you collect?





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