Twelve Thirteen

I forgot to move the elf this morning.  That’s all there really is to say about that…

I accidentally signed us up for Amazon Prime last week.  I thought I was getting a free trial but apparently that’s not what was happening.  So, because we paid, we have decided to take advantage of all Amazon Prime has to offer.  Saturday, I started watching Good Girls Revolt and now I am hooked (I even bought the book last night).  I believe that Patti may be my long lost spirit animal.

I know that life was not glamorous for those women, and I work in a male dominated field so, I can imagine somewhat how the climate in their office was.  What really gets me excited though, is the clothes.  Trivial, yes.  Completely contrary to their plight, very much so.   Totally fascinating, absolutely.

Today I am going to dedicate my post to channeling the bad-assery of the “Good Girls”, even if it is only via a few items of fashion.

  1. Jane Birkin.  *Sigh*  Style ICON.
  2. I have these exact gold hoops that I picked up at Banana Republic a few years back.  They have started to show up in the jewelry rotation pretty heavy as of lately.
  3. I always wore Clinique’s liquid cake eyeliner as a teenager.  My mother wore it, so I wore it too.  I think I may have to revisit my past and grab a black one for some subtle cat eyes.
  4. These Free People clogs.  Seriously?  Could they be anymore perfect?  I wonder if they would look ridiculous with socks – it IS almost winter here…

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