Twelve Fourteen

Good morning on this cold, blustery hump day here in New Jersey.

Guess who is wearing another turtleneck today?  Me!  Yay.  You were right.  I think turtlenecks will probably be my 2017 cold(er) weather wardrobe staple.  I suppose that means I need to get a few more…  Maybe I’ll head over to ThredUp later on this week, I’ve got my eye on a few things.


Picture credit: Google.  The “center” of the town where I went to undergrad.  So very beautiful.  Boy, do I miss Vermont sometimes.

I was visiting another blog this morning when I started thinking about the long, cold winters we had when I was in college.  Mind you I went to undergrad in up-up-up state Vermont (think Stowe) so, that was to be expected.  Most of my fellow students were snow sport lovers (as for me, I’ve been skiing since I was 8) so, the snow and cold were mostly relished.

When I was a freshman, a whole lot of us worked up at Smuggler’s Notch and our employment gave us the benefits of not only lift season’s passes but, also use of the indoor pool/hot tub/sauna.  We were 18 and in heaven.  We’d come back to our dorms, tired from a long day or skiing and then hot tubbing, eat Phish Food ice cream, and fall asleep sitting up watching a movie on TV.  Can such a vivid memory really have taken place almost 20 years ago?

Coincidentally enough, while I was typing this, an old college friend texted me.  She had sent me a clip of an article highlighting one of the people in the aforementioned memory (and his wife).  Isn’t that funny?






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