Twelve Twenty-Seven

Is it just me or is the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve kind of depressing?  Here in South Jersey, it’s oddly warm and rainy.  And, of course, I had to go back to work. Bleh.  I like my job but when your husband and kid are at home all snug in their jammies, well, a little jealousy ensues.

Christmas was amazing, as always.  Minus one minor hiccup where we thought my parents might have to put our elderly dog down (note: she’s not doing well, I realize she will not be around much longer, I just was devastated at the thought of her being put down at the kennel she was staying at rather than live out her last few nights at home with her family).


Santa was very good to everyone in our house this year!


She was playing such tunes as: My mom thinks I’m cool and Go out the door.


Someone got a Woodlands Friends sewing kit for Christmas.  I bet you can guess which one of us actually had to do the sewing of said creatures…


We got a new rug.  That’s a pretty big deal in our house.


Hibachi lunch!


And last but not least.  Brett and I are going to try a Whole 30 in January.  Can we do it?  Who knows, but, something has got to give around here.  We eat too much crap.  We feel bad and are not looking all that great either.  I guess only time will tell!




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