Twelve Thirty

A look ahead.

Like most of us, I am very happily looking forward to 2017.  I just can’t with 2016 anymore.  I am not sure much of anything memorably good happened.  And, in these last few days – not only did 2016 take my dog but, also gave me a nasty head cold.  Let’s GO 2017!!!

I am excited about 2017.  I mean, something’s gotta give.  Here are my three main plans for the new year:

~ One ~ Learn a new languageimg_69451

Our free public library offers free Rosetta Stone language courses.  So, I have decided to take them up on it!  I chose Irish (Gaelic) because, well, my family is Irish in ancestry and it just seems like that might be neat to me.  I have just started Unit 1 last night and already know the Irish word for girl (cailín).

~ Two ~ Eat Better


B and I are contemplating going on a Whole 30 diet.  I’m sure by now you know what that is.  We both just feel really run down and are starting to feel bleh.  I’ve heard good things about the program (if you can make it through!) so, it’s a possibility.  Also – love Skinnytaste.  I have her first cookbook and it’s great so, I’m looking forward to her new one.  I best include better meal planning on this list point as well.

~ Three ~ Start taking legit yoga classesimg_37781

That there?  That’s me attempting some yoga pose I can’t do and laughing about it.  This year, I am going to start taking real yoga classes, at a yoga place, on a regular schedule.  I’ve found one close by, at a place I like and plan to begin Tuesday at 6. Whoooo hooo!

Oh, and number four is off the record.  It is to convince B to let me get a puppy.  I’ve been wanting one for years and now that I’ve lost Pfeiffer (*sob*), it’s really coming to a head.  He said we could discuss it in 6 months when I am in a better emotional state regarding dogs…

What are YOUR plans for 2017?


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