Healthy. Happy. And Thriving.

Happy 2017!


It’s here!  It’s finally here!

I had previously mentioned my top 3 new year’s resolutions/goals and I have added a bit more depth to them, including buying a journal and a great new set of pens (both gel and felt tip!).  I’d like to really try to do a better job at chronicling the little things in my life.  I used to keep a diary in college (which I lost – GASP!) and it was really great to go back and read through it to see the personal growth which I was going through.  Man, I really wish I still had that journal…

I was a fairly spunky, yet sad teen/young adult.  Trying to find out where I belonged in the world (heck, to be honest, I’m pretty sure I’m still trying to figure that out).  I put way too much consideration into what others, particularly men, thought of me.  Luckily, I care a lot less about that anymore.

Rather off topic but, still – a weird phenomenon recently just happened to me.   The song Ordinary World by Duran Duran came on the radio.  Almost instantly, I felt transported back in time, to the summer between 8th grade and high school.  The feeling of desperately wanting to be an adult (or in my case, out of high school) smacked me in the face and was followed with a wave of self-loathing for how stupid I was back then to wish my life away.  Perhaps I should add forgiving myself and slowing down to live in the present more on my list…

Twelve Thirty

A look ahead.

Like most of us, I am very happily looking forward to 2017.  I just can’t with 2016 anymore.  I am not sure much of anything memorably good happened.  And, in these last few days – not only did 2016 take my dog but, also gave me a nasty head cold.  Let’s GO 2017!!!

I am excited about 2017.  I mean, something’s gotta give.  Here are my three main plans for the new year:

~ One ~ Learn a new languageimg_69451

Our free public library offers free Rosetta Stone language courses.  So, I have decided to take them up on it!  I chose Irish (Gaelic) because, well, my family is Irish in ancestry and it just seems like that might be neat to me.  I have just started Unit 1 last night and already know the Irish word for girl (cailín).

~ Two ~ Eat Better


B and I are contemplating going on a Whole 30 diet.  I’m sure by now you know what that is.  We both just feel really run down and are starting to feel bleh.  I’ve heard good things about the program (if you can make it through!) so, it’s a possibility.  Also – love Skinnytaste.  I have her first cookbook and it’s great so, I’m looking forward to her new one.  I best include better meal planning on this list point as well.

~ Three ~ Start taking legit yoga classesimg_37781

That there?  That’s me attempting some yoga pose I can’t do and laughing about it.  This year, I am going to start taking real yoga classes, at a yoga place, on a regular schedule.  I’ve found one close by, at a place I like and plan to begin Tuesday at 6. Whoooo hooo!

Oh, and number four is off the record.  It is to convince B to let me get a puppy.  I’ve been wanting one for years and now that I’ve lost Pfeiffer (*sob*), it’s really coming to a head.  He said we could discuss it in 6 months when I am in a better emotional state regarding dogs…

What are YOUR plans for 2017?

Twelve Twenty-Nine

2016, you’re killing us smalls…  and you’re sure going out with a bang.

My parents decided to honor Pfeiffer in the best way they knew how and I love them for it…


She will be missed.

Please, 2017, please give us something better to hold on to.




Twelve Twenty-Seven

Is it just me or is the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve kind of depressing?  Here in South Jersey, it’s oddly warm and rainy.  And, of course, I had to go back to work. Bleh.  I like my job but when your husband and kid are at home all snug in their jammies, well, a little jealousy ensues.

Christmas was amazing, as always.  Minus one minor hiccup where we thought my parents might have to put our elderly dog down (note: she’s not doing well, I realize she will not be around much longer, I just was devastated at the thought of her being put down at the kennel she was staying at rather than live out her last few nights at home with her family).


Santa was very good to everyone in our house this year!


She was playing such tunes as: My mom thinks I’m cool and Go out the door.


Someone got a Woodlands Friends sewing kit for Christmas.  I bet you can guess which one of us actually had to do the sewing of said creatures…


We got a new rug.  That’s a pretty big deal in our house.


Hibachi lunch!


And last but not least.  Brett and I are going to try a Whole 30 in January.  Can we do it?  Who knows, but, something has got to give around here.  We eat too much crap.  We feel bad and are not looking all that great either.  I guess only time will tell!



Twelve Twenty-Two

Wow – it’s been a while.  My apologies.

This post is subtitled: Shit my girlfriends say, the holiday edition.  It contains profanity so, if that’s not your style – you may want to skip along.





I love my friends.

Happy Holidays,



Twelve Sixteen

In three short days, my baby will turn 6.  Six!  I can’t believe it.  She is my almost-winter baby who came home just in time to celebrate her First Christmas at 6 days old.

I asked her to write up a list for Santa and include five items on it (since she had previously circled 90% of the toy catalog we received in the mail).  Here is what she asked for:


She wants pokemon cards, a pikachu keychain, a Jesus Family (that’s what she calls a nativity and she’s obsessed with nativities), a pink cape, and a sewing machine.  Apparently those blue heart bearded guys are Santas.  Sure thing kid.  Sure thing.

Twelve Fourteen

Good morning on this cold, blustery hump day here in New Jersey.

Guess who is wearing another turtleneck today?  Me!  Yay.  You were right.  I think turtlenecks will probably be my 2017 cold(er) weather wardrobe staple.  I suppose that means I need to get a few more…  Maybe I’ll head over to ThredUp later on this week, I’ve got my eye on a few things.


Picture credit: Google.  The “center” of the town where I went to undergrad.  So very beautiful.  Boy, do I miss Vermont sometimes.

I was visiting another blog this morning when I started thinking about the long, cold winters we had when I was in college.  Mind you I went to undergrad in up-up-up state Vermont (think Stowe) so, that was to be expected.  Most of my fellow students were snow sport lovers (as for me, I’ve been skiing since I was 8) so, the snow and cold were mostly relished.

When I was a freshman, a whole lot of us worked up at Smuggler’s Notch and our employment gave us the benefits of not only lift season’s passes but, also use of the indoor pool/hot tub/sauna.  We were 18 and in heaven.  We’d come back to our dorms, tired from a long day or skiing and then hot tubbing, eat Phish Food ice cream, and fall asleep sitting up watching a movie on TV.  Can such a vivid memory really have taken place almost 20 years ago?

Coincidentally enough, while I was typing this, an old college friend texted me.  She had sent me a clip of an article highlighting one of the people in the aforementioned memory (and his wife).  Isn’t that funny?





Twelve Thirteen

I forgot to move the elf this morning.  That’s all there really is to say about that…

I accidentally signed us up for Amazon Prime last week.  I thought I was getting a free trial but apparently that’s not what was happening.  So, because we paid, we have decided to take advantage of all Amazon Prime has to offer.  Saturday, I started watching Good Girls Revolt and now I am hooked (I even bought the book last night).  I believe that Patti may be my long lost spirit animal.

I know that life was not glamorous for those women, and I work in a male dominated field so, I can imagine somewhat how the climate in their office was.  What really gets me excited though, is the clothes.  Trivial, yes.  Completely contrary to their plight, very much so.   Totally fascinating, absolutely.

Today I am going to dedicate my post to channeling the bad-assery of the “Good Girls”, even if it is only via a few items of fashion.

  1. Jane Birkin.  *Sigh*  Style ICON.
  2. I have these exact gold hoops that I picked up at Banana Republic a few years back.  They have started to show up in the jewelry rotation pretty heavy as of lately.
  3. I always wore Clinique’s liquid cake eyeliner as a teenager.  My mother wore it, so I wore it too.  I think I may have to revisit my past and grab a black one for some subtle cat eyes.
  4. These Free People clogs.  Seriously?  Could they be anymore perfect?  I wonder if they would look ridiculous with socks – it IS almost winter here…

Twelve Twelve

An ode to black turtlenecks.

I love me a black turtleneck.  I’m actually wearing one right now.  They are just so versatile and simple.  Steve Jobs was really onto something.  This article by Rachel Syme sums it all up much more eloquently than I ever could.

I bought my first black turtleneck years ago at one of those big lot type stores that I can’t remember the name of (think TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, etc).  It was a stretchy, soft, thin sweater that I loved.  Unfortunately, something must have happened to it because I do not still own it today.  I do however, currently have a JC Penny’s special that I got a few years back.  It’s some cotton blend and is comfortable, but is a wee bit too short for my 5’10” frame.  I am seriously considering adding to my collection with something of better quality, responsibly made, and significantly longer in length.

Here are my current favorites:


Everlane’s The Cashmere Turtleneck ($135).  I love this and $135 for a cashmere turtleneck…  Swoon!


Another Everlane choice, The Pima Stretch Turtleneck ($30).  A great price point.  It kills me that the model has the turtleneck tucked in though.  I know it’s a trendy look, it’s just not me.


Here is a basic, organic cotton version from the UK’s People Tree.  The May Turtle Neck Top ($29) looks like another good choice (with another model wearing it tucked in).  They  also had a great sweater version but, it’s only available in dark grey at the moment.

I am definitely going to have to restock the closet with at least one more before the winter really hits.  How about you?  Do you have a clothing piece that you just love?  If so, what is it?